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TNM Creative Media

LMJ Event

The first official day of my internship was attending a pop event for Little Man Jerk (LMJ) to produce social media photo and video content. The photography & post production editing was done on my own following the event. The video footage will be put together with Jamie using Final Cut at a later date.

I initially found it a bit awkward asking patrons if it was okay for them to be in a photo or video. Most people were happy to be with the exception of one of the bar ladies who definitely did not want to be in photos and was quite blunt about it.

I was happy with a few shots at the end but will need to review the video footage to see how it turned out!

As well as producing content we set down my goals for the internship and the projects I would be getting my hands on.
The direction for the internship will be:
LMJ pop up events & social media content
Charity event teamed with food & art
Video editing
Experiential marketing / Marketing
Website design
Client proposals




Little Man Jerk Instagram post featuring my photography  from the above event.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.58.46 pm.png


Bronte & a Work From Home Day

Today was working at TNM Creative HQ learning more about the company and their clients. I had questions about proposals and obtaining new clients. We worked on my vision and planned a vision board.

We spent some time looking at Squarespace and the websites Jamie has created for companies using this platform and discussed the pros and cons between various web building platforms. I have previously used Wix and eHost to build websites.

Time was spent discussing time management during my week overall and an at home task ‘100 hours’ to divide my week up and where I think I spent my hours.

The rest of the afternoon was spent researching videographers & agencies to collate email addresses and phone numbers to obtain quotes. Currently TNM do the videography for their clients’ ‘Meet the Grower’ series. We wanted to obtain quotes so that we can factor these costs into our proposals we will be preparing in the near future if we are to outsource it.

JRM Dinner Event & Post Production

I attended the JRM dinner which is part of what TNM do to collaborate between their major client, chefs, suppliers & others within the industry. On this particular night it featured a farm that supplies ‘free range’ type pork, a great chef & Brokenwood wines.

It is a networking and experiential marketing style event. My role there was to capture the night through photographs and video which can later be used for social media content and websites.

At first I found it uncomfortable as I worked out who was who in the zoo and where I should position myself to not be too intrusive on the night. It was good experience and I found my feet by the end of the event.

I have completed my first videography assignment where I produced my own video so I am now a lot more confident in tackling this project  and putting together some video footage of the night for my internship.



Positive Circle Program Event

The Positive Circle Program was set up by Jamie Henshall the director of TNM Creative Media to educate children in Bangladesh. He ran an event featuring his artworks and sold prints to fund raise for the charity. I helped with the event set up, and used the opportunity to take photographs and video footage of the night.

Below is the footage & photos that were taken by myself for this night.



Video Editing Lessons

Observed Jamie’s process of putting together a video from the charity night and also looked at some of his other videography work. It was helpful to see how he pieced together the video which was him talking about the night which would then cut to footage related to what he was speaking about from the night or Bangladesh.  Although he uses a different program to the one we need to use for College it is a similar concept. I think I preferred Final Cut Pro once I saw it in action.


The internship has been valuable although difficult to fit in between College and work commitments. It was great to have some events where I could put my photography and video production skills learnt in class into practice and produce some content for my portfolio.


As part of my internship Jamie recommended I use Squarespace for websites. I have made the below website as my creative portfolio for photography and videography work.

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